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Ninja Biker
It's every man's dream to break the law and run off on a tough looking chopper. And here is your chance to do so! And not just a simple street ride. No, you will have to escape through the train track. Not the most comfortable ride, but it's fast as hell! Pick one of the cool looking bikes and take your ninja to safety, far away from the chasing cops. The adrenaline can be overwhelming!

Great reviews from the netizens:
'I Love Riding Those Awesome Choppers!'
'The Adrenaline Kicks In Right At The Start!'
'The Gameplay Is Really Brilliant, Always Fun'
'Perfect Game To Kill Some Boring Moments'

Great game that will keep you busy for hours to come. Perfect to kill some boring time too. And it's still totally FREE.

Ninja Bike is totally challenging and keeps you entertained the coming weeks! Download now while it's FREE. Because that can be over anytime soon. JOIN THE NINJA BIKER COMMUNITY TODAY!

- Awesome killer bikes available
- Endless playing fun
- FREE version supported by ads
- Super cool graphics and motion
- Addicting game concept
- Unlimited attempt to beat your personal record
- Great music while playing the game
- Invite you friends to play too
- Upgrade to ad-free version optional

Never miss this game. Its one racing game you cannot do without!
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